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Iminacre Plastic Button Cards

1960? Cards of Iminacre buttons using La Fontaine fable designs.  About 2" x 3⅛".  Four to six buttons per card.  $2.32 per card from Lisagora, Machecoul, France, March, '19. €5 each for GA and an extra of LM from Jerome David, Beauvais, France, through Ebay, Nov., '20.  $5.58 for TT with peacock blue buttons from Skopadiddle Vintage through Etsy, Nov., '20 .  Six sets, including "Horse and Ass," for $20 from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne-Ricouart, France, Sept. 20.  Also included: extras of LM; TT; "Fox and Goat"; "Monkey and Cat"; and "Puss in Boots."  Three sets from "la fee chinette, on Ebay, for €3.99 each, including FS and extra copies of "Horse and Ass" and "Monkey and Cat."

The surprise with these button cards is that the fable illustration – clearly taken from one of La Fontaine's most beloved fables in each case – has nothing perceptible to do with the buttons!  The fable is never named.  The verso provides either the lot number, always beginning with "975-22" but then varying for two further digits, or these lot numbers plus a short promotion of the buttons in French and English.  While cataloguing these seven cards received from Moriceau Esméralda, I found others at two different places on the web and of course several already purchased by other collectors!  The hunt will continue.





Fox & Goat

Cat & Monkey




Horse and Ass