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1996 Fox and Grape Earrings. Made in China. Topanga, California: Zarah Company. Gift of Margaret Carlson Lytton from Winterthur, Nov., '96.

Leaves and grapes hang down from each of the two foxes. Hand-painted enamel on sterling silver with garnet beads and amethyst Swarovski crystal. What a great find by one of the great power-shoppers!

1997? Tortoise and Hare Earrings. Jade colored stone with a bead for each character. Made by Maryellen Hains, Kalamazoo, MI. From an unknown source.

Like the Heberts' earrings, this pair gives one character to each ear. The maker varies the two by the arrangement of character and bead.

1998 Tortoise and Hare Earrings. Hand crafted with pride in Oakdale CA by the Heberts. "Mrs. Bear's Woods." Quilted maple and California walnut. $9.95 at the Petaluma crafts fair, Nov., '989.

The rabbit is a darker and larger earring with a long wire fastener. The turtle is smaller and lighter in color. Which should you wear on which ear?

1999 Tortoise and Hare Earrings. Made in China. Topanga, California: Zarah Company. $30 from Suzanne Katzen, Delray Beach, FL, through Ebay, Oct., '01.

On each earring, both a tortoise and a hare hang down from a floral arrangement. Hand-painted enamel on sterling silver.