1980? TH silk scarf.  "Echo."  31" square.  Where and when?

This large scarf presents a challenge not only to its photographer but to any other viewer, since its three quarters of its lines appear upside-down and 90 degrees from horizontal.  I suppose that makes little difference, when a scarf adorns one's neck and is tied in various ways.  Click on either image to see more detail.


1990? TH silk scarf.  Made in Italy.  11½" x 56".  Where and when?

The tortoise and hare can be very hard to make out.  I offer an enlarged detail below.  Is a scarf this long and narrow usual? 

2000? French silk scarf about 33½” square depicting Aesop’s fables with English language quotations around each of nine images.  $60 from GravityGoods, Aumsville, OR, through Ebay, August, ’21.

It is surprising to find a French scarf representing Aesop, since La Fontaine is so widely known and loved in France.  This sheer scarf surprises also by its size.  It has fun with the stories and their images!  Click on any portion to see it enlarged.

The fox he boasted but ran away,

When he heard the hound dogs bay.”


“I shan’t pay my debt,” the little sheep cried!

“Oh yes you will!” the dog replied,

“or else you’ll lose your pretty hide!”


“Tell me why, Dear Mother,

When the hound dogs come we run for cover?”


The lion thought that the steed was his feast,

But the horse outwitted the king of the beasts.


“These grapes aren’t sweet,

they’d be no treat!

Were they within my reach, I say,

I wouldn’t want them anyway.”


The Tortoise and the hare had a famous race,

the Tortoise wasn’t fast but he set a steady pace.


“If I’d run and frolic too,

Our master would love me as well as you!

“The sheep and the goat were happy and gay. 

They’d not be meat for the table that day!”

The lion slept and dreamed away –

While the mice on him did play!