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German Verse Coins

1900? A metal coin slightly over 1" in diameter showing the fox and the crow on one side and German verse on the other. $38.59 from Kevin Kelley, Harrisburg, SD, through Ebay, July, '99.

The verse reads "Wann Dein Spiel der Gegner preiset,/ Dann gieb doppelt auf Dich Acht,/ Und erinn're Dich des Raben,/ Den zuletzt der Fuchs verlacht." That is, "When your opponent praises your play, pay doubly close attention to yourself and remember the crow, on whom the fox had the last laugh." I am tempted--but afraid--to clean and polish up this old coin. Who knows what circumstances ever gave rise to the distributing of a coin like this!

 A metal coin showing the fox and the crow - Front

A metal coin showing the fox and the crow - Back