Who would have thought that I would find over one hundred blotters featuring fables?!  The arrangement of this overview of series blotters, including a link to other individual blotters, is only roughly alphabetical.  It rearranges an alphabetical order to respect the varying sizes of different blotters.  Click on any card or title to see the whole series.

Albemarle Blotting

Bloom Calendar Blotters

Amora Moutard

Choco REM

Biscottes L'Angevine

Biscottes Hirondelles

Excel Biscuits

LUC Biscottes Blotters

Compagnies d'Assurances Générales

St. Honore Biscuit Blotters


Gri-Gri Juice

Johnson Insurance Blotters

Insurance Blotters

Chocolat Menier


Claverie Puzzle Blotters

Various Individual Blotters

Here is a link tree of the series of blotters and individual blotters I have found: