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Albemarle Blotters 3.75 x 8.67

1950? Series of 12 Aesop's Fables. Five blotters 3" x 7⅝" including the text "One of a Series of 12 Aesop's Fables." Albemarle Verigood Blotting.  All five advertise the Seaman-Patrick Paper Company in Detroit. 

Here is a curiosity: the designs on these blotters include the same images and texts as the parallel set from the same firm, but they have a different size and structure, as can be seen by comparing the two examples on the more general Albemarle page.  These blotters predate the area-code era of telephone calling.  Now I need to hunt for the other seven in this set!  As I mentioned in regard to the other set, these blotters present good evidence that Aesop shows up anywhere and everywhere. Notice the effect of using two colors on blotters like BF and "The Fox and the Ass."

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