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Amora Mustard

Amora Mustard Blotters

1950? Amora.  La Moutarde de Dijon dans son Verre Décoré "La Fontaine."  Buvard  and Buvard "EFGÉ."  5¼" x 8¼".  Opéra Publicité.  $5 each for two blotters from Mme Denise Debuigne, Rennes, France, Feb., '02.  One extra blotter from the same source, August, '09.

These are among the most colorful blotters I have received.  Apparently the glass jar containing Amora mustard is decorated with characters from La Fontaine's fables.  One recognizes, e.g., TT on the glass pictured at the forefront of one of the blotters here.  Many other characters from the fables appear on the rest of this blotter:  tortoise and hare; fox surrounded by crow, grapes, and goat; wolf and lamb; deer, dove, frog, fish, beetle, snail, rat, and butterfly--with a nice bust of La Fontaine in their midst.  And the other blotter shows the variety of glasses offered showing various characters from La Fontaine's fables.  Might I find the whole set somewhere?