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Choco REM

1980? Two Choco Rem blotters using GA and FC, respectively. GA has brown ink on a beige blotter, while FC has red ink on a yellow blotter. Each piece effectively uses two white areas. 5" x 8". Reims: Choco Rem. Paris: Elvinger. $5 each from Mme Denise Debuigne, Rennes, France, Feb., '02 and May, '02.

In GA, the cicada is asking for the ant's Choco REM in order to survive. In FC, the verse parodies the finish of La Fontaine's fable: "He swore--but a little late--that no one would ever again take his Choco." The fox carries away the chocolate rather than the usual cheese or meat dropped by the proud crow. Both blotters announce that in each package there is a photo of a French soccer champion, which one can keep in the magnificent REM album.