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1970? Two blotters (and one extra) from Pain d'Epices Gringoire: GA (#2) and TH (#3). "Buvard a Conserver. Les Aventures de Gringo." Signed by "Coq." Imp. Delcey - Dole. One copy of GA for 50 Francs from Annick Tilly, Clignancourt, August, '99. TH and another copy of GA from Mme Denise Debuigne, Rennes, France, May, '02. Three distinct blotters of other phases of TH from Mme Denise Debuigne, Rennes, France, May, '03.

These blotters, about 4" x 7", are among the most colorful blotters I have. GA has a delightful picture of the cicada struggling through the snow, while a black-and-white bunny with a horn and something brown under his arm races across the territory. Is this bunny Gringo, and is he carrying pain d'Úpices? The GA blotter is marked #2, perhaps of a set of four. I now have four distinct blotters showing different phases of TH. Two distinct blotters are marked #3, but the one representing a later phase in the story has its number set up differently from those of the other three blotters. Gringo overturns the traditional fable by riding on the tortoise's back and then jumping across the finish line just ahead of the tortoise, blowing his horn all the while. A sign points to "Le Pays du Miel." These blotters are made of a very thin paper. I would not have thought of this paper as blotter material.
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TH 1

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GA 2

GA 3

WL 3


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