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Johnson Insurance Blotters


1947 Aesop's Fables. Twelve blotters 9" x 3 " combining text, picture, and a monthly calendar. The blotters advertise insurance from Manfert A. Johnson in Rochester. Printed in the USA. $6.99 from Ronald Krause, Rochester, MN, through eBay, April, '04.

The text in each case has two parts. The first part recounts the particular fable pictured for this month. The second part turns the point somehow to insurance. The central panel naming and illustrating a fable is good, simple, lively full-color work. These "references" may hit a low point when, in November's blotter-calendar, the "Fable of the One-Eyed Doe" is applied to the "John Does" of fact, not fable. December offers not a fable but an account of Aesop surrounded by simple pictures of animals. Click on any blatter to see it enlarged.