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St. Honore Biscuit Blotters

1960? Biscottes St. Honoré. Three blotters roughly 6" x 6½" picturing LM (cream), FC (yellow), and TH (pink). Each is labeled "Buvard extra a conserver." Vauréal: Biscottes de France. 40 Francs each from Annick Tilly at Clignancourt, August, '99. A similar blotter but advertising Biscottes Ch. Bezard with the same FC design, now in pink.  €3 from argos30 on Ebay, Oct., '21.




FC from Ch. Bezard

Each blotter also gives an address in Seine. Might the telephone numbers (LON 20-32 in Seine and just 36 in Vauréal) be the best evidence for dating these? The pictures are fun. The lion, released from his nets, is opening a box of St. Honoré biscuits. The tortoise and hare are racing almost neck and neck for a biscuit prize. And you can guess what the fox has in hands while the crow either weeps or sweats visible drops! The addition of a second brand name not in Seine but in Vaureal raises good questions!

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