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Jean Vernon 1 inch

1950? Five bronze medallions depicting fables of La Fontaine. Artist: Jean Vernon. Nothing on the verso. Three came for $31 or $32 each from James Johnson, Tucker, GA, through eBay, August, '05. Two-sided medallion of La Fontaine and his muse for $25 from numest, Talinn, Estonia, through Ebay, August, '21.  "Fox and Goat in the Well" for $4.99 from T. Lantz, Isle of Palms, SC, through Ebay, May, '22.

These smaller medallions are in exactly the same style as the 2" variety. The fiveI have are FC, FG, FS, GA, and WL. FG has something other than the title of the fable and the artist's name: "Ils sont trop verts et bons pour les goujats." Similarly, WL has the opening lines of its fable, and GA the closing line of its.  The workmanship is excellent. I continue to pursue the question of whether some medallions were cast only in the smaller format and others only in the larger--or whether there were two complete sets, and how large they were. Are there more out there?  I will give the "La Fontaine" medallion its own row, to show both faces.






Fox and Goat in Well


La Fontaine