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Other Medallions

1960? Bronze medallion of "Le Lion et le Rat," signed by Alber(t) de Jaeger. Slightly over 2" diameter. The title of the fable is above an illustration of the netted lion, below which are the first two lines of the poem. The verso contains the fable from lines 5 through the end, with the second moral around the rim of the verso. $20 from numispechincha through Ebay, April 18.

I am surprised not to find this heavy medallion represented somewhere on the web. I feel like I have looked at hundreds of de Jaeger medallions, but not one representation of this one. The stylization of the net as absolutely symmetrical is perhaps the most unusual feature of this medallion. I wonder if it might be rare! Do not miss the tiny rat at work in the upper left corner of the net. Reading the tight presentation of the fable text on the verso is difficult! Might the medallion have come from some series?


1990? Gray medallion of Ivan Krylov as in his famous statue in St. Petersburg.  Porcelain?  Verso with symbols including a dramatic mask, a lyre, a laurel wreath, and text.  $20 from an unknown source, Sept., '18.

The writing on the back includes "I. A. Krylov"; "Sculptor (Peter) Crodt"; and "Leningrad."  Other elements seem to include something like "Lamjatnik" and "B. Detnem Sady."  Sorry not to comprehend or even transliterate those better!  Use of "Leningrad" rather than "St. Petersburg" puts the medallion before 1991, when the name was officially changed to "St. Petersburg."  I have sought in vain to find a comparable piece on the web.