1990? Sabino "The Frog and the Ox" opalescent figurine paperweight. 4" long, slightly less than 1" high, and less than 1" wide in its base. Mint. Signed. Original box. Paris: Sabino. $60 from R.T. and Carol Brower, Mountain Collectibles, Ridgway, CO, through Ebay, Nov., '99.

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Though this work is beautiful for its milk-and-gold coloring, I do not catch the fun of the fable in it. Is there any suggestion of the frog's exploding? The two molded halves may be meant to present different scenes, but so far I can read only that the frog is whispering into the ox's ear. Nothing from the artist--not the work itself nor the box nor the enclosed brochure--identifies this scene as from an Aesopic fable, much less from this particular fable. The Sabino brochure says that his work exemplifies "Art Deco."

1998? Cast pewter paperweight "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Aesop." 2" square. Made in USA. Vilmain + Klinger. $28 from Worldesigns Incorporated through Ebay, Feb., '01.

As the Ebay advertisement says, this solid cast pewter paperweight is elegant and handsome. It is also heavy! I presume that they found this proverbial moral attached to LM.