1950? Thermos picturing TH. $2 from Sara B. Jones, Sarasota, FL, through Ebay, Sept., '00.

Pink rims at the top and bottom frame a white-background picture of the tortoise crossing the finish-line while a blue bunny runs to catch up. What will I find next?!


1999 Tortoise and Hare baby's bottle. Nine-ounce, boilable, plastic, with a pure latex nipple. Oyster Bay, NY: Baby's 'n Things. With a matching bib $4 from C-N-C Treasures through Ebay, Jan., '01.

This bottle came with one exemplar of a cotton bib for children and features a similar design. On the bottle's design the hare not only sleeps in the middle of the road, but he blocks the way for anyone going by. I never would have thought that a fable-related baby bottle exists! Click on the image to see it enlarged.