Establishing this category has raised an issue and a memory for me as I open it in July, 2020.  The memory is this: long ago I bid on and won a set of IBM fable coasters but never received them.  I  truly believe that the seller died sometime during the auction.  I have kept my eye peeled for IBM fable coasters but never found them!  The issue is this: do coasters belong as "tableware" or "household objects"?  I have opted for the latter, now that I have found a lovely set of coasters to include in the collection.

So I offer first four lovely pictures to look at:






2020  Three ceramic coasters showing three scenes from Walter Crane's Aesop's Fables.  Almost 4" square.  $29 from The Painted Lily through Etsy, June, '20.

How nice to see someone picking up Crane's beautiful work!  And dealing with Etsy is so personal!  These are well done!