Cookie Jars

1960? Tortoise and Hare Cookie Jar. 12" x 11" x 8". $30 from Jody Seibert, Baltimore, MD, through Ebay, April, '00.

My first fable cookie jar! The plodding turtle carries the hare--complete with carrot--on his back! Now where in the world would something like this have come from?


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1960? Tortoise and Hare Cookie Jar. 12" x 13" x 8". Marcia Ceramics. $19.99 from Mark and Rhonda Cohen, Walton, OR, through Ebay, June, '00.

The base of this cookie jar is exactly the same as that in the first jar I had found. But here the tortoise on the jar cover is entirely different in conception. He holds up cookies that he is eating, apparently while he lounges on the roadside. Marcia Ceramics of California was established in 1942. The sellers found an ID mark "9.USA" but I have not been able to locate it. Click on the image to see an enlargement.