1939? Crow and Pitcher Flower-Pot-Hanger. Wooden, four pieces, painted crème and black. 12" x 10½" x 3". Liberty, Maine: Liberty Giftcrafters. $25 from The Maine Emporium, Bowdoinham, ME, through Ebay, Feb., '00.

Now here is something of whose existence I was simply unaware! A slightly torn slip pasted to the wall side describes this, apparently, as "Crow & Pitcher Flower Vasette for Decorative Hanging Plants & Cut Flowers and Artificial Flowers. Copyright 1939 by Liberty Giftcrafters." There is then a picture of the crow and pitcher above the "Legend of the Crow & Pitcher from Aesop's Fables." The text used here does not come from any version I recognize. Maine Emporium describes it as vintage folk art.

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