Jewelry Dishes

2000?  "Aesop's Fables -- The Fox and the Grapes" ring dish.  3" in diameter. Pairipoint Glass Company, Sagamore, MA. One extra copy.  $15.  Source unknown.

I spent a great deal of time trying to photograph this exquisite little plate appropriately.  My best efforts only approached revealing the deft image of the dapper fox walking under grapes.  As I tried to ascertain where I got either exemplar, I searched on Ebay and found a far better image.  It is the one you see here.


2015?  Lion and Mouse Fable Tray: Jewelry Dish.  Created by Carrie Walker Lesko.  $18 from Bird and Bauble, Norwalk, CT, through Etsy, August, '18.

This 7" x 5" jewelry dish features a pleasant illustration of the lion freed from his net by the mouse in the foreground.  The verso offers a title and a moral: "It isn't the size of the friend that counts.  It's the size of the friendship."  Lesko is "an artist in love with animals," as her website declares.