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Individual Refrigerator Magnets

2001?  "The Tortoise and the Hair" magnet.  Metal.  2" square.  $5.75 from through Etsy, Jan., '23.

This pun has been used before, for example in "Sin City Fables" from 1981.  The cartoon character here is charming!  I am unsure of the use of this magnet -- perhaps on refrigerators?  The creator recommends it as a gift to hairdressers.  Fables provoke fun!

2018 FS Refrigerator magnet.  4˝" square.  With Walter Crane's illustration of the fable.  $5.95 from Labelstone through Etsy, August, '18.

The detail in this reproduction is spectacular.  Crane's two-panel approach appeals to me as the way to present this fable. As often, W.J. Linton's text is more comment than narrative.


2020 Refrigerator magnet "When all is said and done, more is said than done. –Aesop".  $5 from StuckOnUArt through Etsy, July, '20.

I find it intriguing to see what statements are attributed to Aesop.  I am sure that this sentiment fits with more than one fable, but I am unsure where this formulation entered the Aesopic tradition.