1978 Moira Walsh's city and country mice from a Roman Literature course.

1987 Five East German carved foxes, one with a distinctly shorter tail.

1980? East German wood carving of FG. Two exemplars, gifts of Margaret Carlson Lytton and David Daly.

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2018 Literary Wall Tile Set: Aesop's Fable: The Lion and the Statue.  Each 5" x 5".  $35 from Literature Lodge, East Taunton, MA through Etsy, August, '18,

Very nice workmanship.  Isolating the text and moral in one quadrant is successful here, as is Linton's moral: The story depends on the teller."  As the artist's illustration shows, the tiles appear best when given the appropriate small space between their edges.  Fables show up in so many places!



2020?  Wooden tortoise and hair figures.  3' x 1" (tortoise) and 3" x 2" (hare).  The Wooden Storyteller, Spokane, Washington.  Gift of Maureen Hester, Dec., '19.

Beautiful woodworking.  Simple figures.  Lovely grain.  And a great feel in the hand!  Aesop lives!