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Articles Presenting La Fontaine's Works

1886 Article presenting the La Fontaine opera "Les Deux Pigeons." Pages 4-5 of "Journal Amusant," October 30, 1886. €10 at Clignancourt, July, '19.

"Les Deux Pigeons" is a touching story of two friends. One feels the need to travel but experiences nothing but trouble along the way. The other waits patiently at home. They are reunited. Apparently this fable inspired and provided lyrics for this opera, highly praised by the journal as it presents key characters and scenes.



1913  "L'Illustration" magazine for February 8, 1913, includes a full-page insert (page 117) as it reports on elements of, I believe, the "Balkan Wars."  The full-page insert offers a photograph of a mule and two riders in Turkestan who illustrate MSA.  The caption retells the fable.  €12 from journauxanciens through Ebay, Feb., '

I agree with the editors that it is rare that one finds an uncontrived human situation perfectly illustrating a fable.  I am grateful that the French have loved La Fontaine's fables so dearly and followed them so assiduously!