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Brain-Teaser Puzzles: Fables de Nestlé

1950?   Twelve large (9½" x 6") sets of puzzle pieces to cut out and assemble to make the central picture.  "Les Fables de Nestlé."  Numbered 1 through 12, with two sheets together in each case.  Seven signed by Benjamin Rabier and five (#2 and #4-7) signed by Maurice Toussaint.  The signatures may include dates.  At least one of Toussaint's seems to be "1919."  The title for each page of pieces is "Concours Casse-Tête Nestlé."  1re Série.  $144 from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne Ricouart, France, Sept., '18.

This is a curious find!  Apparently a child was to study the image from Rabier or Toussaint, cut out the pieces, and put them together.  Was there then a competition to see which child had assembled them best?  These sheets came apparently in a wrapper entitled "Les Fables de Nestlé," as the title continues, with twelve compositions in colors presented as puzzles. Several of the "fables" here take liberties with their stories.  Is that a monkey substituting for Little Red Ridinghood in #10?  Of course, Nestlé's products show up delightfully in the illustrations!




Wolf and Fox Before Judge Monkey

Satyr and Passerby


Rat and Elephant

Householder and Cat


Man, Wolf, and Lamb

Bears, Monkey, and Nestle


Cat and Woodpeckers