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Imagerie Artistique by Quantin

1890?  9 broadsides labelled “Imagerie Artistique.”  Numbered.  From Bailly, Paris, June, '17, for €147.

These broadsides are identical with those listed here as from Maison Quantin, except that they add two sets of information at the top of each broadside: on the left, “Imagerie Artistique” along with a series number and number within that series.  At the right-hand top one finds “Imprimerie-Librairie Quantin, 7, Rue Saint-Benoit, Paris.”  

MM 6.2

OF 6.7

BC 6.9

Oyster & Litigants 6.10

FK 6.13

GA 6.16

Carter in Mud 8.4

Miser & Treasure 8.5

2P 8.9