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George Ade's "Fables in Slang"

1928  23 "Fables in Slang" comic strips by George Ade.  Many signed "Art Helfant."  Unknown source.

I have enjoyed books of George Ade's fables.  Those were text narratives.  These cartoons are fun.  They involve gentle social critique.  Online commentators note that they present vernacular rather than slang.  Ade was an accomplished playwright.  Apparently these cartoon strip fables were syndicated nationally.  I include them as a strong example of a popular use of the word "fable."  Besides, they have their own charm!

Beauty by the Dollar

 Effects of Travel

Gertie's Husband

Gown and Bill

House of Dreams

In the Parlor

Just Art

Light That Failed

Lonely Hearth

Love in the Mails

Love's Old Dream

Modest Willie

Piker's Delight


Self-Popular Guy

Social Lion

Student Life


Two Husbands

Under Cover

Under New Management

Unfortunate Millionaire