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Christmas Tree Garlands

1950? Russian Christmas Tree Garland of ten double-sided colored paper pictures of fairy tales and fables.  Produced by Consumer goods of the production associat4ion" Polygraphist," Sverdlovsk (Yekaterinburg), Russia.  $30 from Svetlykms, Belarus, through Ebay, Dec., '22.

Now here is an ephemeral rarity!  I recognize four of these twenty images as at least potentially illustrating fables.  Two fit well with Krylov's "Quartet."  One is unmistakably FC.  There could be many stories for the fox carrying away the rooster.  It may be the old "Chanticleer" story that we know best from Chaucer.  This is certainly a competitor for the "most unusual" object in the collection.  I for one have never experienced a Christmas garland.  I think I heard of popcorn strung up on a Christmas tree.  Even the package has survived!

Garlands, front and back:



Individual garland pieces: