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Classroom Scroll Hangings

1970?  Eleven Greek canvas scroll hangings depicting Greek fables.  E.E. Apomimesis.  Thessalonike: P. Zacharopoulos.  $200 from kabilis through Ebay, July, ’21.  

Like the gift set given earlier by Martin and Ulrike Koelle, these cloth scrolls feature each four scenes from a given fable, with a title and number at the top of the scroll.  Where the Koelle scrolls feature lower case titles in blue, this set features block print in red.  FG spends two panels, for example, on the birds who mock the frustrated and sweating fox. More images coming soon!


1975  Ten Greek schoolroom scrolls for hanging up in a classroom, each illustrating a fable in four scenes with a title.  Wooden endpieces with an almost canvas-like paper for the pictures themselves.  Gift of Martin and Ulrike Kölle, August, 2012.  The fables pictured include :

1.      TH

2.      The Rooster, Fox, and Dog

3.      MM

4.      SS

5.      The Wolf-Doctor and the Horse

6.      AD

7.      Two Rats

8.      The Hen and a Seed

9.      FS

10.    TT


The Rooster, Fox, and Dog



The Wolf-Doctor and the Horse


Two Rats

The Hen and a Seed