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Encyclopedia Articles

1901?    Encyclopedia articles, "Aesop's Fables among the Jews" and "Fable."  Isidore Singer, Managing Editor.  NY: Funk and Wagnalls Company.  Included in some one of the Jewish books purchased for the collection though Joshua Jakobovich, Shiloh, Israel, July, '22. 

This article sees two streams of fables coming together after the first century: the Greek fables of Aesop and the Indian set under the name of Kybises.  In the second century these two come together under the rhetor Nicostratus.  In the third, these are turned into Greek verse by Babrius.  The articles trace the place of fable in Hebrew Literature.  Jewish fables take on some prominence with the 107 fables of Berechiah ha-Nakdan, apparently deeply related to the fables of Marie de France.  The "Fable" article also mentions John of Capua.  Jacobs "Fables of Aesop" is one of several sources mentioned here.