Exhibit Guide Pages




2018 Thirteen laminated exhibit guides for the exhibit "I See That Fable Differently."  Together with a duplicate set.  8˝" x 11" descriptions of each of the artworks in the exhibit, grouped according to the thirteen fables represented.  Gift of the Joslyn Museum, April, '18.

Two years after the exhibit I discovered these cards and found them a lovely souvenir of a lovely experience.  In fact, they spurred me to put up two different ways for visitors to our website to experience the exhibit.  One of those ways was to follow, fable by fable and artwork by artwork, with the appropriate portion of these guides visible under each of the artworks on the work's own page.  The text was originally drafted by students.  I did considerable editorial expansion and emendation before the texts went to the Joslyn.  They were so professional about every aspect of this exhibit!