Fairy Tale Stamps

1910? Five Piedmont Cigarette Fairy Tale Stamps. Reynard the Fox #2 (with an extra), #3, #4, and #5. Sixty in series. Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co. Printed in Germany. Berlin and NY: Wentz and Co. $10 for an envelope of many in the series from Clipper Cargo at the Sacramento Paper Fair, Dec., '96.


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The Bear Caught in a Trap

R. is called before the King's Court

Mrs. Wolf is caught in the Ice

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Reynard is hard pressed

The Back

"Fairy Tale stamps explain in picture form the famous childhood stories of the world," says the back of each stamp. The four scenes here show the bear caught in a trap, Reynard called before the king's court, Mrs. Wolf caught in the ice, and Reynard hard pressed. There is an artist's name printed in the lower right of at least two of the stamps, but it is far too small for me to make out even with a magnifying glass.