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Marie-Rose, Mort des Poux

1950 "Les Fables Célèbres." Two thin-paper handbills illustrating four fables of La Fontaine and advertising La Marie-Rose, "La Mort Parfumée des Poux!" 5" x 7½". $3 each from Mme Denise Debuigne, Rennes, France, May, '03. One illustrating TB, apparently earlier, for $5 from the same source, May, '05.  FG from Marie-Rose for $6 from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne-Ricouart, France, Sept., '20.

"Handbill" is my best guess as to what these two very lightweight sheets are. The first presents FC, TH, LM, and MM, while the second has WL, "Le Laboureur et ses Enfants," GA, and OF. I never thought of using fables to advertise medication to kill lice! One should use La Marie-Rose on one's children every Thursday, so that one can send proper children to school. The quips on the back touting the virtues of La Marie-Rose are a riot! The earlier handbill illustrating TB proclaims that Marie-Rose Lotion is not greasy and does not stain.  It wards off the insects that bring all sorts of diseases!

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