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Vermifuge Lune, Marie-Rose, Galet, Pastilles Liberia

1930?  Six handbills offering fable texts and illustrations with advertising on the verso.  Three advertise Vermifuge Lune: WC (#13), “Oyster and Litigants” (#22) and MM (#24.  $5 each from Mme Denise Debuigne, Rennes, France, May, '05.  One, including an extra copy, presents FC (#12) and advertises Marie-Rose, a “Lotion Végétale Parfumée.”  Two present GA (#10) and “The Worker and His Children” (#30) and advertise “La Lessive Galet” and “L’Eau de Javel à L’Ancre.”  These three for $6 each from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne-Ricouart, France, Sept., 20.  Printed by Imageries Réunies de Jarville-Nancy. Three (#5, 13, 15) printed for Pastilles Liberia for £20 each from amgarchive through Ebay, May, '22.

I had not known that "worms" were such a fear for mothers in 1930.  Lune seems to have had a long run, to judge from Pinterest exemplars of their two and three dimensional advertisements.  WC may be the most engaging of the three Lune illustrations, with its monkey servants.  It is this handbill asks for 5, not 6, francs per box of Lune.  Dewormers, detergents, and nit-removers!  Fables take us into a very concrete human world!  See other Marie-Rose handbills here.  Notice the contrasting color work on the two versions of #13, WC.