1930?  Six advertising leaflets for Le Sirop de Ga´arsol by Laboratoires Bouty in Paris.  Benjamin Rabier colored illustration on the left and the same image as a line drawing on the right.  SÚrie D.  "Une Fable de la fontaine -- Laquelle?"  Ç4.50 each from mathilde9662 through Ebay, Oct.,'21.

These leaflets are a curious reiteration of the series "Le Sirop de Ga´arsol" among non-stock series of trade cards.  On those portrait-formatted cards a small colored version gave the color clues for coloring the larger line drawings.  Here in leaflets the colored version is the same size as the version to be colored.  The illustrations in this series are identical with those in that series.    

Two Goats



Partridge and Rabbit


Wolf and Young Goat