Magazine Articles

1949  Two-page article (from Illustration Magazine?) "Parade des Vitrines" by Amélie Anderson.  Pages 662-663.  1949.  €5.99 from saintemariefrance through Ebay, July, '20.

Apparently the stores and shops in the Faubourg St. Honore and its adjacent streets at this point in history put on grand shows of coordinated windrow dressing.  In June, 1949 that effort focused on the fables of La Fontaine.  The pre-title of this article is "La Grande Saison de Paris."  This is one of the few objects in the collection that has been harmed since it came to us.  There is water damage that hurts the images, but -- happily -- not the text.  I have sought for a replacement, but so far in vain.  Apparently the shops focused on culture at the time of La Fontaine, including furniture, books.  Each window focused on one fable of La Fontaine that had something to do with the objects offered by that vendor.  A corset-maker focused on OR!  "Bend, do not break!"  A specialist in tricots took Perrette from MM.  A frame-maker chose "The Lion and Artist" and "A Man and His Image."  Photos from the actual windows contribute well to this article.  Where is another copy?