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Russian Double Covers

1900? Seventeen pairs of matchbox labels, each giving the title and an illustration for a fable of Ivan Krylov. Described only as "old and extremely rare" by the seller on Ebay. $16 from Vladislav Pronin, Brooklyn, Feb., '00.

What a hoot! I never knew that such a thing existed! I presume that each of these pairs would be cut in two and pasted onto a box of matches. I never thought of finding fables on matchbooks! The designs are simple and appealing, always featuring a white label at the top.

The Broom

The Cat and the Cook

The Cock and the Pearl

The Cuckoo and the Cock

The Dragonfly and the Ant

The Eagle and the Mole

The Elephant and the Pug

The Industrious Bear

The Lion and the Fox

The Mirror and the Monkey

The Monkey and the Spectacles

The Quartet

The Raven and the Fox

The Swan, the Pike and the Crayfish

The Swine Under the Oak

The Two Dogs

The Wolf and the Stork