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Daniel et Lilli Prints

1750? Three prints of La Fontaine fables CXCIV, CXCVII, and CCXXXVI, matted.  Prints or separated pages?  With margins about 4" x 7".  Illustrations alone 3" x 4¾".  €14, 18, and 19 from "Daniel et Lilli," Marche Dauphine, St.-Ouen, France, June, '19.

There are two mysteries about these three well-worn images.  First, are they prints, pages, or perhaps plates removed from pages?  Secondly, who created them when?  One clue is that they are not following La Fontaine's system of "books" but rather a numbering system that presents individual pieces up to #236 at least.  I will keep an eye out for identical illustrations.  Do not miss the serving girl pouring wine expertly into the shepherd's cup in CXCIV and the utter lack of interaction in CXCVII.  Of these three, "The English Fox" (CCXXXVI; 12.23) gets my prize.  The English fox was finally cornered by the dogs and hung himself up with other prey as though he were dead.  The trick worked – once, but not twice.