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Fruity Fable Reprints

2005 Four reprints of 1936 prints titled "Fruity Fables," from the magazine The Sketch. reprinted by An Englishman in LA, "the most unusual company this side of the 15th century." Each of the four is about 11" x 14". Artist G.E. Studdy. Between $6.99 and $14 each from the reprinters on eBay, July, '05.

As the company's commentary on the prints points out, the "vibrance of the printing and the beauty if its style" make these prints outstanding. There is a sauciness to the approach taken to the fruits.

Mr. Fig Looses His Leaf!

Oh! Mr. Spring Onion! This Is So Sudden!

The Hon. Mr. Walter-Melon Disgraces the Bottle Party

Papa Pea Takes His Octets for a Ride