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Etienne Fessard, Vol. III, 1768

1768 A set of pages removed from Volume III of Etienne Fessard's edition of La Fontaine's fables.  Pages represented are 1 (the beginning of Book V: Fable LXXXIII) – 14; 17 – 24; 31 – 32; 35 – 42; and 51 - 56.  $49.99 from Biblio Emporium through Ebay, August, '20.

Here is a set of pages taken from Volume III of Fessard's monumental six-volume edition of La Fontaine's fables, according to Bodemann the first fully illustrated volume.  The pages were sold as coming from 1768, but the name mentioned in its advertising was Charles Monnet and the description was "chapbook."  I gather that the difference between Monnet and Fessard represents the age-old tension between artist and engraver.  In any case, I was so delighted with these illustrations that I scanned them all and present them here in smaller and larger versions.  Not every fable represented here has both its full title illustration and its endpiece. 

Woodcutter & Mercury

Woodcutter & Mercury Endpiece


2P Endpiece

Little Fish & Angler

Little Fish & Angler Endpiece

Hares' Ears

Hares' Ears Endpiece


FWT Endpiece

Old Woman & Servants

Old Woman & Servants Endpiece

Horse & Wolf

Laborer & His Children

Laborer & His Children Endpiece

Mountain Giving Birth

Mountain Giving Birth Endpiece

Fortune & a Child

Fortune & a Child Endpiece

Stag & Vine

Stag & Vine Endpiece

Hare & Partridge

Hare & Partridge Endpiece

Eagle & Owl

Eagle & Owl Endpiece

Lion Goes to War

Lion Goes to War Endpiece


Lion & Hunter Endpiece


SW Endpiece

Jupiter & Sharecropper

Jupiter & Sharecropper Endpiece