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Teacher Literature Units

1986 Into Books: Literature Pack No. 1: Brian Wildsmith's Fables. Melbourne: Oxford. AU $15 from Babyboomerbooks, Mount Gambier, Australia, through eBay, Feb., '09.

Here is a boxed literature unit meant to structure five sessions with pupils. A cover sheet details the contents, including five paperbound Wildsmith fables all contained elsewhere in the collection; a teacher's manual by Andrew Perry and Ron Thomas; two posters; a "Hare and Tortoise" board game; and reproducible bookmarks. Some teacher has also xeroxed copies of some of this material. The fables involved are: The Miller, the Boy, and the Donkey (1969/86); The North Wind and the Sun (1964/86); The Lion and the Rat (1963/86); The Rich Man and the Shoemaker (1965/86); and The Hare and the Tortoise (1982/86). Notice that all were reprinted in the year in which this pack was put together. I have all four elswhere in paperback versions; I have only a hardbound copy of The Rich Man and the Shoemaker. I will crosslist that paperback, as well as the teacher's manual but will keep all these materials together. One poster reproduces the cover of the box and the teacher's manual; the other is unrelated to fables. The six bookmarks offer different black-and-white scenes from TH. A lovely find!