1987 Set of eight "Republique du Burundi" postage stamps . Mint. Issued Sept. 14, 1977. Scott Numbers 524a-d and 526a-d. Purchased for $4.00 from Bulldog Stamps, Bethesda, Feb., '92. In a series with four each of Grimm (5F: 523a-d), Anderson (14F: 525a-d), and Les Contes des Anglais (26F: 527a-d). Extra copy, cancelled, with Grimm and Anderson (but without Les Contes des Anglais) for $4 from J.R. Stamps, Chelsea Antiques Building, NY, April, '96. Click on any individual stamp below to see it giant-sized.

Esope (11F) with colored illustrations from Griset:

  • 524a: "L'Ermite et l'Ours"
  • 524b: "Le Renard et la Cigogne" (really "le Loup et la Cigogne")
  • 524c: "Les Chats Plaideurs"
  • 524d: "L'Aveugle et le Paralytique"

La Fontaine (17F) with colored illustrations from Doré:

  • 526a: "La Poule aux Oeufs d'Or"
  • 526b: "Le Loup Devenu Berger"
  • 526c: "L'Huitre et les Plaideurs"
  • 526d: "Le Loup et l'Agneau"