1989 Set of four full-color Ciskei stamps illustrating "Little Jackal and the Lion." Johan van Niekerk. $3.50 from Carolyn and Dan Lequerica at the CarDan Company, Fairfield, CA, through Ebay, Sept., '01.

Ciskei is a former black homeland and nominal republic in southeastern South Africa, one of the "Bantustans" created by the former South Africa. I do not know the story presented on these stamps. It may be a trickster tale that involves getting the lion to climb a vine that will not support his weight. They are pretty stamps! Each is numbered and has a different denomination:

C 1 4: 18c: A lion, with a jackal close by, attacks a bull

C 2 4: 30c: Jackals carrying portions of a kill on their backs climb a rope

C 3 4: 40c: A jackal holds up a rock ledge, or at least he seems to, as a lion approaches

C 4 4: 50c: A lion seems to be falling as a vine he has climbed breaks, while a jackal watches