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Cyprus GA 2012

2012   GA follows the same pattern as TH a year earlier.  Again, there is a pleasing folder showing the stamps, telling the GA story in Greek, English, French, and German, and giving credit to its creators.  This time the cover cartoon is more in keeping with the delightful stamp series, as we see the two characters in their summer encounter.  We have four copies of this folder.  The date of issue is 3-10-2012, which I take to be October 3, 2012. Extra copy of the strip from Charis Menelaou through Ebay: unknown cost and date, 

We have only two copies of the strip itself, which shows three phases of the interaction: summer, fall, and winter. 

The obverse has an encounter similar to that on the cover of the folder, the full text in Greek, and the total price of the five 34 cent stamps, 1.70. 

We have two copies of the FDC envelope, which this time includes a bust of Aesop as well as the five stamps and the unique FDC cancellation featuring the two main characters.  It seems to mention the Cypriotic Stamp Lovers Association: "kypriake philotelike etairia."  These materials came from Cyprus Stamps, Limassol, Cyprus, August, '15; Charis Menelaou, Nicosia, Cyprus, Jan., '16; and Marlen Stamp and Coins, Ltd., Great Neck NY, Oct., '12.