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Cyprus TH 2011

2011  TH has an explanatory folder including texts of the fable in English, French, and German as well as Cyprus' own Greek.  The five stamps are pictured in the folder, as well as the "strip" from which they are taken and the obverse of the slip.  Credit is given to the various creators of the stamp.  On the cover of this post office brochure/wrapper is a rather unfortunate photo of a turtle crossing a finish line ahead of a rabbit.  Date of issue for the stamp series is 5.10.11, which I take to be October 5, 2011.  We have two of these folders.

Then there are the strips mentioned above, containing the framework for the five specific stamps.  This framework is divided into three sections.  I do not understand the division. 

The obverse announces the title, tells the story, and gives the price of the overall strip of 5 34 cent stamps, 1.70.  Each strip has a unique number.  In all, I have four of these strips.

Cyprus Post apparently also created an FDC envelope using all five stamps and cancelling them with a TH impression.  Each of the two envelops I have also adds a 2 cent stamp.  Might their own stamp set not have come up to the required postage for an envelope?  These materials came from Cyprus Stamps, Limassol, Cyprus, August, '15 and Charis Menelaou, Nicosia, Cyprus, Jan., '16.