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1955 Florian

1955 Two FDC envelopes celebrating the 12 Franc stamp from 1955 featuring a portrait of Florian. Both have a postmark "Premier Jour Sauve - Florian - 2 Avril 1955." One envelope features a duochrome bust of Florian. The other presents a full-color collection of scenes from his fables. $4 each from Loic Marchat, Villeurbanne, France, through eBay, Oct. 11, 05.

I had not been aware of this Florian stamp. He was born in Sauve in Gard in 1755. Poor Florian. Even this celebration of him includes, in the prose under his portrait: "Author of lovely pastorals and especially of numerous fables, which rank him as the follower, even if from a great distance, of our own good La Fontaine" (italics mine). Perhaps the easiest scene to recognize on the fable composite has the monkey lecturing with a magic lanterne. The stamp itself classifies him as "Fabuliste Romancier Autour Dramatique." Click on either stamp to see an enlarged version of it.

1955 First day Cancellation of Florian anniversary stamp and postcard, April 2, 1955.  Cancelled at his birthplace, Sauve (Gard).  $5 from Topical Paradise Limited, Oct., '12.

This postcard is made out in print to Editions Bourgogne, Dijon, France.  I do not understand that.  The short description assigns Florian his usual place: "Il est, aprs La Fontaine, mais d'ailleurs bien loin derrire lui, notre fabuliste le plus remarquable."