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1978 CR Album Panels

1978 Two three-holed TH and two TMCM landscape album pages, almost 8½" x slightly over 12", containing both the TH and TMCM 1978 Red Cross stamps, a large illustration, and some explanatory text in French. No. 481 (TH) and No. 481S (TMCM) du catalogue CEF. #887 and #7216 (TH) and #3328 and #6385 (TMCM) of 20,300 offset exemplars. Imprimé par Editions CEF à Nice. Distribué par Les Oeuvres Sociales du Personnel des PTT. $20.50 from Alexandre Przopiorski, Lyon, France, March, '99. #6385, an extra, for $5.55 from Gilles Descary through eBay, July, '05. #7216, also an extra, for $5 from Loic Marchat, Villeurbane Cedex, France, through eBay, June, '05.And in April of 2013 a copy of No. 363 -- in fact, Copy # 04105 of 4900 -- for $5 from Topical Paradise.  

The TMCM illustration is the simple cartoon-like country scene on the envelopes from the same "croix rouge 78" promotion. There are comments on the history of illustration of La Fontaine's fables and on the illustrations found in the stamps themselves, which are meant to celebrate an illustrative style almost exactly a hundred years old at the time. TMCM 2 does the same for its single stamp, with a lavish illustration added at the city banquet.  The TH illustration shows a sweating runner on the left, but the tortoise—complete with sun-hat—finishing on the right. The shorter comments on the TH page are taken verbatim from the longer comments on the TMCM page.

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