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1978 Folded Serigraphs

1978 Four French First Day Cover folded papers with screen prints, plus duplicates of two. Two serigraphs are of TH and two of TMCM. The rabbit image is by Perdeau, the tortoise image by Lavidiasse, the salmon colored of TMCM by Berthou, and the golden by Naxos.  Cancelled December 2, 1978 in Chateau-Thierry. "Numérotation et Cotation sur Catalogue Thiaude."  $12 from Topical Paradise through ebay, April, '12.  Extra pair for $4 each from Loic Marchat, Villeurbanne, France, through eBay, Oct., '05.

I am still trying to figure out just what this folded paper is. Whatever it is, it is exquisitely done! A heavy sheet about 8" x 13" is folded into a nine-rectangle packet measuring about 3¾" x 6½". The left half of the resulting front shows the serigraph surrounded by a raised ridge; on the right one sees the stamp, two or three cancellation marks, and an identification of the author (e.g. "Sérigraphie de Lavidiasse"). The Perdeau front adds a green stamp showing a hare to the two cancellations from the standard red stamp; the Lavidiasse front has only these two. Similarly, there is an added TMCM cancellation on the Berthou paper.  The verso of either includes an embossed seal, a comment on the visual artist, and a longer comment on La Fontaine's achievement. I seem to be able to make out a "TH" inside the embossed seal on the verso; might that be for Thiaude?Perdeau's comment has the unfortunate typo "plaisr."