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1978 Stamp Booklet

1978 Booklet enclosing four each of the 1978 Red Cross stamps of TH and TMCM. About 3" x 4". £.99 from Brian Chilton, Nairn, Highland, Scotland, through eBay, Oct., '06.

The front cover of this little booklet mixes red, green, brown, and black. The green background may be Paris in La Fontaine's time. There is a cameo bust of La Fontaine in the lower left. The script reads "République Française: Secretariat d'Etat aux Postes et Télécommunications 1978: émission au profit de la Croix-Rouge Française." The center presents a quadrant of four of either stamp postmarked Strassbourg, December 11, 1978. The back page is a monochrome mélange of several fables, perhaps FC, TMCM, MM, FK, TH and "The Heron." Click on any stamp to see a larger version of both stamps. Creating the larger version helped me to discover that both stamps are signed "Andreotto."