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1995 French LaF

Look below.

One can be surprised at how much they did with this series. To view the individual items in each of the categories below, click on the hover buttons in the middle column or the images in the right-hand column.

A rather recent find is a celebratory booklet presenting the stamps.

Tricentennial Booklet

First, you may want to take a closer look at these stamps themselves.

Individual Stamps

But besides the stamps, there were postcards almost identical with the stamps, with designs by R. & C. Sabatier.

Sabatier Postcards

Then, particularly for stamp lovers, there is a moment

in the artistic process of producing the stamps.

Mint Imperforate Proofs

Then there were also postcards with hologram-like art

after the illustrations of Delierre and others.

Hologram Postcards

There were also maxi-postcards presenting alternate

views of the situations of each fable.


There were envelopes using the same images.

Éditions Philatéliques Envelopes

Then there were also FDC envelopes with hologram-

like art after the illustrations of Delierre and others.

Hologram Delierre envelopes

Then there was also a set of envelopes with simpler

hologram-like illustrations surrounded in gold

like the edge of a stamp.

Hologram Envelopes

Another set of envelopes offers a contemporary line-

drawing dramatizing the fable on the face of an FDC envelope.

Line-Design Envelopes

And then a set of envelopes each of which features an

image of its stamp at the left upper corner of the envelope.

Stamp-Image Envelopes

And these envelopes came--five of them--with notecards showing the same pattern.

Stamp-Image Notecards

And then a set of smaller envelopes each of which features a cartoon

in the style of its stamp at the left upper corner of the envelope.

Stamp Cartoon Envelopes

A surprising set (?) of humorous maxi-cards.

Humorous Maxi-Card

A maxi postcard from Éditions Philatéliques showing GA in holographic or silk form.

Maxi Postcard

A folded new year's greeting card featuring Odette Baillais' art, a stamp, and a first day of issue seal.

New Year's Card

I found a three-holed landscape-formatted commemorative panel, almost 8½" x 12",

containing the eight stamps, a colored hologram-like image of La Fontaine with animals

by Odette Baillais, and a good section of text on La Fontaine.

Commemorative Panel

Portrait-formatted documentation folder with images in the style of the stamp artists, R. and C. Sabatier.

Documentation Folder

"First Day Covers from Around the World," ©Postal Commemorative Society.

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