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Hologram Postcards

1995 Set of six FDC postcards featuring a first-day postmark, one (or on the first card, three) of the La Fontaine fable stamps issued on June 24, 1995, and a hologram-like reproduction of art, especially by Auguste Delierre. FDC: Paris: Carte Philatélique. $29.50 for the set of six from Alexandre Przopiorski, Lyon, France, April, '99.

"Le Chat, la Belette et le petit Lapin," FC, TH, and WL all feature work of Delierre in a strangely irridescent medium. The illustrations for OF and GA are attributed to "Imagerie de Paris," identified as from the 19th century. The illustration for GA is perhaps the most unusual, with its red mountain and a serpent that is not mentioned in any version of the fable of which I am aware. The illustration for FC is, for my money, a piece of excellent work. Is the monkey often, as here, the judge of the race in TH?

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Le Chat, la Belette et le petit Lapin