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Line-Design Envelopes

1995 6 envelopes, each featuring on its left a line-drawing dramatizing one of the series of La Fontaine fable stamps issued on June 24, 1995. The envelope bears that same stamp in the upper right. All are postmarked, as is appropriate for an FDC, on June 24, 1995 from Chateau-Thierry . Éditions J.F. Courbevoie. $15 from Philippe Soriano, Paris , through eBay, August, '05.

I wrote earlier about another set that I was amazed to find that there was yet another incarnation of the designs of this series. So here is yet another! The line-drawings are humorous, particularly in the case of "Le Chat, la Belette et le Petit Lapin." Again I say: When the French post office does a promotion, it promotes vigorously!

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Le Chat, la Belette et le Petit Lapin